Maintenance Ticketing System


  • Create A Ticket

    Create a ticket for the updates needed to your site. Consolidate multiple requests into one ticket.

  • Review & Correspond

    We’ll review your request, make the updates and notate when it has been done. You can respond to our notes on the ticket as well.

  • Confirm & Close

    You notate on the ticket once updates are approved and we close the ticket.


  • The turn around time is 48-72 hours (can vary depending on your package)
  • Consolidate multiple requests into one ticket.
  • Include in your ticket:
    -A description of what you want done
    -Images and text documents must be uploaded to the ticket as an attachment.
    -Videos must be submitted in the form of a link. The video must be housed on YouTube, Vimeo or something similar.
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Depending on the package you select, between 1 and 3 tickets may be submitted per month. Multiple updates can be placed on one ticket but to ensure that your representative is using his/her time efficiently and productively, it is imperative that your updates are consolidated and that you are only submitting the number of tickets allotted for your package. Any additional tickets submitted will automatically be held until the following month.

Maintenance Tickets must be submitted via the website at Our Support Page

*Maintenance updates sent through e-mail will not be processed

  • A description of what you want done.
  • Images and text documents must be uploaded to the ticket as an attachment.
  • Videos. The video must be housed on YouTube, Vimeo or something similar, and the link provided in the ticket.

*If your images are too large or if you have more than 10 images to upload at a time, the images should be placed in a file sharing folder (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and the link to that folder should be included in the ticket). If you have your own Ivy Studios Cloud Folder, you can put them in there. Be sure to clearly designate where each photo will appear on the website.

The hours that you see listed on each package indicated the number of hours that your representative will spend each month on updating your site. These time frames have been tested and proven to be sufficient for each package.

Rest assured, our team is very skilled and knows how to maximize time to be efficient and productive!

The turn around time is 48-72 hours after the ticket has been submitted. Some packages have a guaranteed turn around time of 48 hours.

If there are images or other assets that are missing that prevents the full update, that will push the time back until all assets have been received.

The amount of the package you select, will be automatically taken out of your account. If you do not want monthly payments automatically taken out and would prefer to be billed each month, you will need to give us a call to start your monthly maintenance and we will be glad to set that up for you!

Even if the front end of your website is not updated, the back end is updated and maintained each month. There are new versions of the CMS software as well as plugins that come out on a consistent basis, and when it is not updated on your site this can cause compatibility and formatting issues on the front end of your website, which may result in the website not functioning correctly, or error messages.

With that being said, if there is a month that you do not have updates, you can choose to add one page to your website, instead of making updates to existing pages. This page should be a basic page with text, images and/or videos.

*A ticket must be submitted to indicate your choice not later than the 15th of that month*

If you are thinking about stopping your monthly maintenance package, please reach out to us first so that we can discuss options that include:

  • Switching to a cheaper plan
  • Quarterly billing options
  • Custom maintenance packages

If you still would like to cancel your monthly maintenance package, please click the link below to do so.